Belava Pedicure Heater & Massager

Belava Pedicure Heater & Massager

Belava Pedicure Heater & Massager
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Product Description

Compact and modern, this stylish heating/massager unit makes the Belava Pedicure System the most versatile pedicure system on marke. The heater/massager serves as a base/platform to hold Belava pedicure tub with disposable liners for a worry-free pedicure. Can be used alone for a waterless massage with or without heat.

~ 3 levels of strong vibration from low, medium, and high with built-in electronic splash control.
~ Noise level is no higher than 68dB when used alone; under 60dB, when used with the pedicure tub.
~ 2 levels of dynamic heating help to keep the water warm.
~ Automatic shut off safety features.
~ Proudly built in the U.S. with sturdiness to withstand professional use in a busy salon.
~ 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

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