Citrus Massage Oil - 32 oz.<BR>

Citrus Massage Oil - 32 oz.

Citrus Massage Oil - 32 oz.
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Product Description

Rice Bran Oil, Tangerine Oil, and Jojoba Oil all combine into this medium-weight organic massage oil that soothes the senses while repairing and nourishing skin. This unique, non-greasy formula is loaded with anti-oxidants that act as a protective coating whilst stimulating cell renewal and increasing levels of moisture. The perfect finishing touch to any shower, bath, manicure or pedicure, this massage oil is perfect for total body use. Sure to leave the skin glowing, this natural, moisture-restoring massage oil has endless uses from massages to manicure/pedicure services, to every-day moisturizing and scenting soaks and lotions.

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