Dream Color Gels Collection

Dream Color Gels Collection

Dream Color Gels Collection
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Product Description

In your dreams you envision a place where life is a "utopia", a perfect world. ibd, the uv leader of gels, is here to satisfy your desire for the perfect gel nails. Six new fantasy gel polishes will add that splendid little something to your life. In your 'reverie', just 'imagine' how this touch of magic will let you 'escape' to that idyllic place The metallic inspired palette and "brilliant" shine will be sure to "charm" you. Don't just dream, but live your fantasy!

Collection Contain:
1 - Charm 0.25 oz. gel
1 - Imagine 0.25 oz. gel
1 - Escape 0.25 oz. gel
1 - Reverie 0.25 oz. gel
1 - Utopia 0.25 oz. gel
1 - Brilliant 0.25 oz. gel
1 - Nail Wipes
1 - Cleanser Plus 1 oz.
1 - Intense Seal
1 - Bonder 0.25 oz.
1 - Durable Aluminum Case

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