Checi Pro Nickel Foot File

Checi Pro Nickel Foot File

Checi Pro Nickel Foot File
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Product Description

- GENTLY SANDS CALLUSES AND CRACKED HEELS AWAY: Are you tired of the dead skin build-up on your feet? Specifically designed to gently remove calluses from your feet and heels, this Checi Pro Nickel Foot File will tackle especially tough calluses and a more fine option that's better for smoothing skin. Its large filing surface and lightweight design work instantly, leaving youthful looking heels. It reduces calluses and corns to powder, without any damage to your healthy skin!

- ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED FOOT FILE: Thanks to its ergonomic design, it can comfortably grasp your feet. With two sides to choose from, this Checi Pro foot file has an abrasive side for quickly removing calluses and a pumice side to smooth the skin on your feet to a soft and silky finish! With its surgical-grade stainless steel heads as well as appropriate blade sharpness, so itll work instantly and quickly on your feet.

- PEDICURE-WORTHY FEET, WITHOUT THE SALON: To help your feet looking pretty and feeling healthy you may want to invest in the best foot file! This trustworthy foot scraper from Checi Pro will always give you salon-like results. It easily removes tough skin without compromising on quality. Despite it being such a great tool, its impressively inexpensive. If youre shopping on a budget and looking for an excellent foot file, wed have to recommend this one for the best bang for your buck!

- PORTABLE, PERFECTLY SIZED FOR TRAVEL: Its that time of year when were breaking out our sandals so toes can see the sun for the first time in months. The Checi Pro Nickel Foot File is what you need especially if you travel a lot and need to take your foot file with you. It is something relatively compact to carry in your carry-on, or something that travels well in luggage yet doesnt take up too much space. This is an absolutely great foot file for you!

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