IBD Jet 5000 Light<BR>

IBD Jet 5000 Light

IBD Jet 5000 Light
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Product Description

The deluxe two-handed lamp combines UV light, heat and fan for the most intensive drying power. Dries any air, heat or UV topcoats. UV gels and acrylics work the fastest with a soothing Spa sensation. Advanced Reflector System generates more UV output than lamps with higher wattage and cures evenly around the entire nail. Features include a built-in timer and hinged top with adjustable height for manicures and pedicures. UL and CE approved.

Box Contains: Jet 5000 Lamp, 2 - 8 Watt UV Bulbs, Heat Source Fan, Advanced Reflector System, Warranty/Registration Card, Instructions, and DVD.

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