Treatment Basecoat-2 oz+0.5 oz

Treatment Basecoat-2 oz+0.5 oz

Treatment Basecoat-2 oz+0.5 oz
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Product Description

No Formaldehyde, No Toluene, No Toslamide, No Toluol, No Toluenesulfonamide - Formaldehyde Resin!

Protein enriched to strengthen nails. Calcium fortified to harden nails. Ridgefiller to smooth nail imperfections. Perfect for treating all types of problem nails: Soft, Peeling, Weak, Thin, Hard, Ridged, Dry & Brittle. Contains Pro Vitamins B-5 (Panthenol). Restores moisture & maintain flexibility to make nails resistant to peeling and splitting. Contains 2 UV Inhibitors. No Violet or Blue Dyes Added. Can be reapplied over existing polish. Top Quality Brush - Reaches To The Bottom - Consumer Can Use The Whole Bottle.

Directions: Shake well before using. For beginnning treatment, apply one coat of 4 in 1 Treatment to clean, dry nails without polish, apply Poshe' Super-fast Dry TopCoat. Reapply an additional coat of 4 in 1 Treatment every other day. As the nail's condition improves, apply every 3-4 days. Remove weekly or as needed. For wear with fashion colors: apply 4 in 1 treatment to clean, dry nails, apply two coats of color and protect with Poshe' Super-fast Dry TopCoat. Remove weekly.

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