Yello-Out Nail Whitener Basecoat & Topcoat

Yello-Out Nail Whitener 2.5 oz.
Yello-Out Nail Whitener 2.5 oz.
Item# YO5023

Product Description

This is a natural nail whitener & strengthener to make yellow nails grow white. Not recommended for use as a top coat over color nail polish.

Use regularly as a Top Coat over unpolished natural nalils to remove the yellow. Whitens & strengthens natural nails. Keeps acrylic nails white. Prevents yellowing from nicotine stains & tanning beds.

Can be used as a Top Coat over clear polish to give natural and acrylic nails a clear & brilliant look. Great for preventing French manicure from turning yellow.

Use As A Base Coat To:
-Prevent colored nail polish from changing color.
-Prevent natural nails from turning yellow from repeated use of colored nail polish.